Book Launch Party

Thanks to everyone who made it out this past Thursday for the book launch at Diesel Books. Y'all are so sweet and supportive! So many of you came and bought the book --- I'm now on the Diesel Books bestseller list!!! Much love all. 

If you missed the launch, no worries. Hope to see ya at the next one. Getting ready for a West Coast book tour starting tomorrow. Wish me luck! 

Composing Temple Sunrise has a publisher!

The first thing everyone asks an author in 2015 is: "are you going to self-publish?"

I've decided to go with an established published called Poetic Matrix Press for a number of reasons. First off, they believe in the book and care enough about the story to put it among the other amazing works they have published over the past 20 years. They told me that Composing Temple Sunrise fits well into their catalogue due to its examination of the creative process. Secondly, in taking this next step as a writer, I wanted guidance from people who were very familiar with the publishing process. Having a publisher really helps with getting visibility and opens up distribution channels that can be difficult for a first-time author to have access to when self-publishing.